Monday, October 5, 2009

Sorry so Late!

Reading: I am so impressed by the students' discussions during their book groups. They are digging deeply into all their books, finding connections, analyzing characters, stopping when they are confused, and asking great questions. It is so fun to listen as they enthusiastically talk about their books.

Science: Monday is their seasons test, it has been a fun unit to study and I think the students will do very well. We will next learn about the properties of sound.

Social Studies: Egypt is always a fun civilization to learn about as the students already have a lot of background knowledge. We are going to be researching Egypt and making travel brochures. Save any unwanted Stuffed Animals and shoe boxes for a "mummifying" activity later in the month.

Math: Students did a wonderful job at adding and subtracting decimals. They were able to quickly move on to multiplying them.

Writing: Many students have been revising and publishing their Personal Narritives. It is so fun to read about the adventures in their lives.

The students have done well adapting to having two teachers. They are such a wonderful class and we feel so lucky to be working with each and everyone of them!!

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