Friday, August 28, 2009

Lovin Learnin

What a fun week we have had!! Our class is absolutely amazing. They are great writers, mathematicians, and readers. Everyday I am impressed by their wide range of abilities, and their love for learning.

Math: We continued to review multiplication strategies and moved on to division as well. Next week we will spend a little more time with dividing, and start chapter one in our mathbook reviewing place value of numbers.

Writing: The students are getting ready to start Writer's Workshop by writing down ideas, prewriting, and practicing all parts of the writting process. We wrote poems about what our hands have done and will do in the future. They will be hung up in the hall next week for all to see and read.

Reading: We have been practicing metacognition; thinking about our thinking. The students are doing wonderful with takin notes as we read, expanding those notes in a journal and using their notes for discussion.

Science: The week was spent discussing what good scientists do. We did a lot with observation and inference.

Social Studies: It was fun to get to know the students better by looking at the artifacts about themselves. We also studied artifacts from years ago that many of the students were unfamiliar with. We began learning about the beginning of civilizations-the Ice Age. While watching "Ice Age" the class made a list of things in the movie that could have been real. They also drew a picture of the hunter/gatherer civilization.

Homework: Students should be reading at least 150 minutes per week. They can split this up however they like. Also-On last weeks homework there were many students who turned in incomplete work. Please make sure they are doing all their assigned work. I do not feel like my homework is overwhelming in any way and feel the students should be able to complete all of it. Remember to sign the homework sheet as well.
**For extra credit this week the students can watch "Finding Nemo" for a writing activity we are doing next week.

I got some volunteer lists back, but feel that I might still be missing come. This came in the mail at the beginning of the year. If you did not get one or missed placed yours let us know and we'll get you another one. It is always so helpful when parents come in.

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