Friday, August 21, 2009

We made it!!

It is amazing how fast the weeks fly by. I can't believe that we have already have completed three days. Before we know it we will be able to say that about the year. We had so much fun this week getting to know one another. The students created timelines about their lives, completed a scavenger hunt using activities that each other have done, and answered questions about themselves from our question ball. In math we have been reviewing multiplication strategies and are breaking down multiplication problems to see how they really work. For science we discussed how large we can feel when we consider microscopic things, but also how small we are compared to the universe. In social studies I was amazed to see all the many far away places the students have traveled to as we colored a world map and pointed out where we had been. Such world travelers we have!!
Since our classroom is set up like a community we came up with a town name (Double Trouble), and each student made their house for our town. We look forward to starting our jobs next week.
I'm am so excited for this year. The class is absolutely wonderful and already gets along so well!

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